Which Picture is Best Picture?

We wanted to do a better job documenting our baby’s growth, therefore, we decided that we needed to be taking more pictures of him. That thought led us [me] to the idea of a photo challenge. We hope you enjoy the video and check out our Instagram for the final pictures!

UPDATE: Thank you for the people that voted! Picture 2 had more votes but we weren’t really looking for a winner. We just had fun taking pictures of baby. I initiated this “challenge” to inspire ourselves to take more pictures of our baby, and it seemed to have worked. Again, we appreciate the votes and perhaps there will be something at stake next time.


Hiking with a baby

I’ve been wanting to go on a hike for a while now, but its a bit trickier with a baby… or is it? We went to quarry rock in North Vancouver to trial run hiking with a baby. Check out how baby did!
Thanks for watching and we hope this, if anything, at least inspires you to check out some hikes around you.

For Dads | How to Take Care of Baby Without Mommy | The Alatan’s: Episode 10

There’s been a lot going on in the past few weeks, hence such a long hiatus from uploading videos.
This video is intended to steer other dads in a good direction when they have to take care of their baby alone. I’m not a professional dad yet, but I’m working on it. Of course, this isn’t a truly serious how to video, so take the “advice” with a grain of salt.