Which Picture is Best Picture?

We wanted to do a better job documenting our baby’s growth, therefore, we decided that we needed to be taking more pictures of him. That thought led us [me] to the idea of a photo challenge. We hope you enjoy the video and check out our Instagram for the final pictures!

UPDATE: Thank you for the people that voted! Picture 2 had more votes but we weren’t really looking for a winner. We just had fun taking pictures of baby. I initiated this “challenge” to inspire ourselves to take more pictures of our baby, and it seemed to have worked. Again, we appreciate the votes and perhaps there will be something at stake next time.


The Alatans: Ep 12

Here’s our recent trip to Richmond Night Market. We’ve been here many times over the years, but this is baby’s first time going and our first time there as a family.

[Dad] Can I have a WORD with you?

I had been trying to work out steadily over the past couple of weeks. We had a bit of a routine during my “work out days.” I would get up as early as I could. This varies from 6 to 9 am. If I was really ambitious, I would wake up at 5 am. I would roll out of bed and sneak out of the room, trying to not wake the baby. I would have either coffee or a pre-workout drink, and spend the next half hour or so trying to wake up. Sometimes, I would get distracted with some leftover editing, so it would take me even longer to get out of the house.

If you didn’t already know, I’ve been trying vlogging out.

I make sure my headphones are charged, then I head out to the gym. I try not to spend too much time there because baby wakes up a little earlier now. He used to wake up around 10 am, which gave me time to work out and be back before he needed anything. Recently, he’s started waking up around 8 am, leaving mommy to handle him alone while I’m gone. Luckily, my current gym is less than 10 minutes away, which allows me to allocate more time exercising as opposed to commuting.

This is where my story begins.

One day, I woke up to the usual routine. I went to the gym and trained my butt off. I tried to squeeze as much as I could in an hour workout. It was exhausting but it felt great.

When I finished stretching, I slowly walked into the locker room, washed my hands, stepped on the scale, and grabbed my things to leave. I stepped out of the locker room and went through the weight room while trying to delete email on my phone. I trudged up the stairs and onto the main floor.

I continued towards the exit, and some employees said “have a nice day.” I replied with a “thanks, you too.”

I advanced through the exit and proceeded through the parking lot. I found my car, stuffed my bag in the back seat, drove out of the parking lot and turned onto a busy street. This part was always tricky since I had to immediately switch to the left lane and then move into a left turn lane all within a few seconds.

I drove through heavier than usual traffic but still managed to get home in less than 10 minutes. I collected my bag, walked up a set of stairs to our main door and entered.

Immediately, I hear some noises in the living room. I put my bag down, closed the door and entered the room. Mommy was having some breakfast while baby was playing in his activity center.

I say hi to mommy and give her a kiss. I ask how they were this morning while I was gone and mommy said they were fine. Baby had just eaten so now it was mommy’s turn. I sat down beside baby to play with him.

He turns his head, looks right at me and says, “dada.”


I whipped my head towards mommy and saw her as surprised as my face felt. We were staring at each other to confirm if we had both heard it. It was clear as day. We heard it…

My vision was starting to blur, and I could see mommy getting teary. I wiped some clear liquid from my eyes and asked baby if he had said dada, as if he could understand me. Baby continued to stare at me then shifted his attention back to his activity center as I gave him a kiss.

We both tried getting baby to replicate what happened but he was having a better time with his toys.

Mommy and I sat together, embracing, and just watched him for the next few minutes.

Our boy had said his first word.