[Dad] What the Fuss?

This post is essentially the script for Vlog 5, in case anyone would rather read the information.

This week I wanted to focus on baby’s fussiness, especially at night. He used to be able to sleep 6 or even 8 hours straight at night. Now its more like 2-3 hours. So why is this happening?

I’m sure there’s a multitude of reasons but I wanted to make special mentions of a few. Sleep regression, growing pains, teething and congestion.We think these apply to our baby the most.

Another less frequent reason for baby’s fussiness is vaccinations. Baby received his next round of shots which were: diptheria, pertussis, tetanus, polio, haemophilus influenzae type b, hepatitis B, pneumococcal conjugate an rotavirus.

After his first set of shots he was really restless at night and was frequently crying. Only food could soothe him. My wife also gave him some Tylenol the first night. This continued for a couple of days and we noticed that he was kicking less. We assumed that this was because he was sore. After a few days he was back to normal.

This time he handled the shots very well and didn’t cry as much. During the evening he started to get fussy. We decided to give some Tylenol just to keep him comfortable. Over the next couple of days he only had a few moments of crankiness.

So back to our main reasons.

Sleep regression is a complex concept. From the information I gathered, it essentially states that when babies are about 4 months old, their body tries to adapt a more “adult” style of sleep. Their longer periods of “deep sleep” is replaced with sleep cycles with longer periods of “light sleep.” This means that there are more opportunities for the baby to wake up throughout the night. It may be time to try sleep training, although we haven’t explored this topic yet so I can’t really speak from experience.

We also think that baby is going through a growth spurt. We initially thought growing pains was something baby was going through, but after some research and observations, baby is more likely waking up crying due to hunger. From what I’ve gathered, growth spurts are not supposed to hurt the baby but I would completely understand if he was feeling uncomfortable during these times.

Teething is a fun topic for me, not because I enjoy seeing baby in pain, but because hes so cute when he’s using his chew toys! Its possible that hes restless at night because of gum discomfort. [Update] When we asked baby’s doctor about his teething, he stated that it’s unlikely because it’s too early even if baby is experiencing teething symptoms. Only time will tell if he’s properly teething or if he just likes to chew on things.

Finally, there’s congestion. We’re finding that baby easily gets congested. There are many reasons for babies to be congested including anatomical predisposition and environment. There’s not much to do with this except to try and assist his breathing. My wife still swears by the Nose Frida aspirator and saline drops. Sometimes, a humidifier in the room is also helpful.

Of course every baby is different so what applies to our baby isn’t always the same for others. It was nice to explore these reasons for our baby because its a little easier to handle him when we have explanations for his fussiness.


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