[Dad] Just Relax

I just wanted to share one of my experiences that will stick with me forever.

I had a set of bad days at work. You know those … busy, stressful, soul shattering shifts. After a few of these days, I had began thinking about strategies to manage my stress. My mind raced through late night workouts, Belgian beers, and fatty food. Basically any form of coping.

Then, my mind wandered to the baby…

What if he’s cranky when I get home? I wasn’t sure if I would be able to handle that situation. 

I kept going back and forth about asking my wife for a couple of hours just to myself before jumping in to help out with the baby.

It’s really selfish but how effective would I be as a father trying to help out while completely burned out?

Maybe there’s a beer in the fridge. 

Maybe there’s photos to edit. 

What YouTube videos could I watch?

If I went to the gym after work there wouldn’t be many hours to help out. What if she had a busy day herself? I need to help out if that was the case. 

Did she have a bad day?

I miss them. 

She says their doing well. 

Maybe I’ll just wait until I get home before asking my wife so that I could gauge how she is doing in person. 

I eventually got home, late, of course. I walked into sounds of baby noises. My wife was cradling our baby. They were having a full on conversation. Minus several consonants and vowels. I couldn’t help but smile. I asked how their day was. She responded, “it was good.” I asked baby how his day was and he just smiled.

Suddenly, I didn’t need that late night workout or that beer.

I held him and then only thing on my mind was that I missed them.

Raising our child is definitely challenging and takes a lot of work, but if I could be a stay at home dad, I would.


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