[Dad] What Section?

After the ultrasound where the specialist stated that we should go straight to the hospital, we took his advice and relocated. Luckily, we packed the car with our overnight things the night before (SO LUCKY!).

We checked in and waited for the nurses to take us in. At this moment I could have been was slightly worried, however, the excitement of possibly having a baby that day overwhelmed the former feeling. From what I remember, my wife did not seem that worried herself. Perhaps we shared the same feeling.

They called us in, we gathered our stuff and went into triage. While my wife was changing into the hospital gown, all I could hear was another mother screaming and begging for an epidural and/or a C-section. I’m not going to lie, that kind of freaked me out. All I kept thinking was, “is this what’s in store for us?”

With my wife on the stretcher and the nurses attending us, we found out that the fetus needed to be closely monitored. Since my wife had low amniotic fluid, the fetus may not react well to contractions. After hours and hours of waiting and monitoring, everything seemed normal. The doctor went back and forth with her decision to induce labor and eventually decided that she would perform the procedure in the morning. She also decided that we would be safe enough to go home for the night since there were no hospital beds available but instructed us to come back before 7 am. So, we went home. It was nice to be able to sleep in our own beds but thoughts of the fetus’ well being had not stopped running through my mind.

I cannot remember how we slept that night, but I woke up bright and early to prepare for what I would assume to be the big day. We got to the hospital an hour early and checked in again. This time we were immediately taken into triage. They attached my wife to a machine that monitored our fetus and then we waited… and waited… and waited… After hours of monitoring, the nurse and doctor saw abnormal moments on the monitor strip that required further exploration.

Just as exhaustion began to set in, we were finally moved up to a room where a stress test on the fetus would be conducted. Mind you, this was approximately 2 pm. The nurse began the test and I knew I had to focus on keeping my wife calm. Within half an hour the nurse promptly called for help. The fetus was not handling my wife’s contractions well. Various staff members rushed into the room including the doctor and it was quickly decided that we needed an emergency C-section. We asked how soon the C-section would be and both the nurse and doctor assured that the procedure would occur within 2 hours. I could feel the adrenaline surging through my body. The nurse continued to monitor the fetus. After another 10 minutes the doctor was called again. This time they decided that the C-section needed to happen sooner.

15 minutes later I had changed into scrubs and we were walking down to the operating floor. We were going to have our baby! I hardly had time to update our family on our situation before we left. As we walked into the operating floor I was instructed to remain in the waiting area until I was called in. It was at this time that I could actually process what was happening. A unit clerk asked, “is this your first child?” I responded, “yes,” with a nervous look on my face. I sat there grasping my camera tightly. My mind bounced between thoughts of concern for my wife and child, and excitement to see our baby.

I finally got called in and rushed beside my wife who was shaking. I wasn’t sure if she was scared or cold, but either way I needed to console her. I tried my best to distract her from the busy environment but then it happened. I heard a small cry. I couldn’t contain myself. I felt my eyes starting to water..only slightly.

We had a beautiful baby boy…


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