[Dad] The Beginning

The beginning of our journey involved an ultrasound. Well, it really began with a certain night in December, but lets keep this G rated… Also the journey I’m referring to is the one that involves three of us.

During a routine check up I was scanning the doctor’s face as she was reading the report of my wife’s latest ultrasound, which was done to monitor the growth of our little peanut. I saw her face become more serious as she read further into the report. The doctor then stated that the baby was healthy, however there was mention of the baby’s femur being shorter than average. My first thought was that I probably had shorter than average femur myself, therefore I thought nothing of it. The doctor stated that it was probably fine, given the heights of my wife and I (we’re short people). We were offered to have an ultrasound just in case, but the doctor did not seem too bothered if we didn’t have the extra scan. We mirrored her attitude towards the ultrasound and declined.

While eating lunch I began to google reasons for a short femur to be worrisome. Of course, google spits out a plethora of disorders. After seeing the troubled look on my wife’s face exponentially increase as we dove into more and more resources linking a short femur to different syndromes, I finally just told her to call the clinic back and schedule the ultrasound.

After booking the ultrasound, she seemed as relieved as I felt.

A few days later we attended the ultrasound with a specialist. He reassured us that the baby was likely fine and referenced our heights. I can’t speak for my wife but the doctor’s comments put me at ease, strengthening my confidence in my initial thoughts. As our appointment went on, everything seemed normal. That’s until he went looking for amniotic fluid. He immediately told us that we needed to go straight to the hospital and from then on everything seemed like a blur.


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